Memories of a Vagabond (Steam Key, Sammelkarten) gratis

Heute verschenkt IndieGala wieder einen Steam-Key, dieses mal ist das Spiel “Memories of a Vagabond”. Im Steam-Store gibt es hierfür insgesamt 25  ausgeglichene Bewertungen.

Zusätzlich gibt es hier noch Sammelkarten, somit lässt sich also effektiv sogar Gewinn machen, wenn ihr die erhaltenen Karten auf dem Steam-Markt verkauft.


  • Steam-Account mit IndieGala verlinken
  • IndieGala Steam-Gruppe beitreten
  • Profil auf öffentlich stellen
  • nach unten scrollen, bis ihr das Spiel seht
  • auf “Claim Free Copy” klicken
  • der Key befindet sich nun im Account unter “Bundle library – Indiegala Giveaways”


In this turn based RPG for Windows you play as a young mercenary and travel from soul to soul to avenge your fiance and her family. While finding a way to change the flow of past events, you will encounter many obstacles and meet new allies. Will you be brave enough?

This game aims to revive nostalgic moments for good old RPG fanatics (such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 3…). Our game has no game over screen; once the hero dies, his soul is sent to the underworld, to meet the Soul Giver. At this point, it is possible to re-embody a new body (therefore several choices of classes: Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Hunter …). In addition, once a character masters a technique, it is learned permanently in the mind of the hero. It is therefore possible to transfer a warrior’s ability to a magician. This leads toward interesting gameplay combinations.

What makes the game unique and fun to play:
– Dark, mysterious and ever-changing storyline
– Unique class & death system
– High replay value.
– Various treasure hunting.
– Easy crafting system

If you are a fan of old good RPG games, this one is surely for YOU!